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Why choose Modular Systems Installation Services to supplement your installation needs?

Using Modular Systems Installation Services allows you to expand your business with the flexibility of increasing your installation crews without hiring additional staff. We provide experienced installers who can either supplement your installation needs with your existing employees or completely handle your modular projects while you concentrate on other issues with your business.We understand the importance of a professional installation and take pride in providing a quality, work environment. Our crews are committed to your needs and will never leave until the job is complete and clean.

What installation experience does Modular Systems installers have?

Typically,Modular Systems Lead Installers have at least 15+ years of installation experience with 7+ year's experience of managing a crew. Our crews are experienced with Paoli, HermanMiller, Haworth, Steelcase, Teknion, Kimball, Knoll, Trendway, Hon, All Steel, Smed and several other system furniture lines. Our Lead Installers are familiar with CAD drawings and have the experience to complete "in the field" modifications based on your approval.We continue to train on the latest system furniture so you can be sure you're getting the most up to date level of experience.

What tools and equipment does Modular Systems provide?

Each Modular Systems Installer has a standard toolbox that includes a cordless drill, tape measure, level, pry bar, rubber mallet, assorted drill bits, assorted screws, chalk line and miscellaneous tools. Depending on the requirements of the project, we have additional equipment such as panel carts, speedpack containers, computer carts, Ecrate boxes, box carts, trucks and just about any other equipment needed to complete the installation or reconfiguration needs for your client's. Our installers understand that the service we provide for you is just as important as using the right tools and equipment.

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What are the uniform requirements forModular Systems Installer's?

Modular Systems Installation Services takes pride in the professional appearance of all of our employees and mandates a very strict policy regarding our uniforms. We feel that professionalism starts with appearance and our installers are required to wear company shirts with blue work pants or shorts, black belts and work boots.We understand that there are circumstances that would require our installers to wear your company shirts, and our installers will take the same pride in providing system furniture services representing your company.

Does Modular Systems Installation Services have a Certificate of Insurance?

Modular Systems Installation Services carries one million dollar of general liability coverage along with Workers Compensation coverage.We can look at additional coverage based on your needs.

What does Modular Systems Installation Services charge for their installers?

Pricing is based on your needs and the scope of the project. Some of our client's prefer time and material rates or a set rate per modular station to install or disassemble.We can provide a cost that fits your budget. Each project is different so a time and material rate may be great for a smaller project or you may want to use a set rate per station for a larger project. Using Modular systems installers allows you to provide installation and reconfiguration of system furniture to your client's and the flexibility on the cost.

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Fax : 480-726-2732

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